Delhi, February 4: In the Uttam Nagar neighbourhood in Delhi, a 31-year-old woman broke into her mother's house while wearing a burqa and took thousands of rupees worth of jewellery and cash, according to the police. A woman named Kamlesh reported a robbery at her Sevak Park residence in Uttam Nagar, in the national capital to the police on January 30. In her complaint, Kamlesh stated that on January 30 between 2:30 - 2 pm, cash, gold and silver jewellery valued at thousands of rupees were stolen from her house.

The locks of the main door and the cupboard were discovered to be in place, so when the police investigated, they discovered no evidence of forced entry. Mumbai Shocker: Woman Steals Gold Worth Rs 12 Lakh From Cousin's House in Malad on Pretext of Changing Clothes in Bedroom; Arrested.

Woman Robs Own House

After that, the cops went through the local CCTV footage and saw a strange entry into the property by a woman wearing a burqa. After a technical examination by the police, Shweta, the older daughter of Kamlesh, 31, was taken into custody. During interrogation, the accused admitted to the police that she had organised this crime since her mother liked her younger sister more. She said that she was also somewhat indebted and that her sentiments of envy and hate overcame her.

Shweta revealed to the police that she came up with this complex plan to settle her debts. She said that her mother had kept the majority of the jewellery she took for her sister's wedding but that some of it was her own that she wanted to keep. Then, according to the authorities, she disclosed how she gradually prepared for the heist day. To begin with, Shweta initially left her mother's house in January, according to the police. Kamlesh assisted her older daughter in setting up her new residence for a few days. When her younger daughter departed for work, she would visit Shweta at her home. Shweta made use of this circumstance. Mumbai Shocker: Minor Girl Steals Rs 5 Lakh Cash, Gold and Diamond Jewellery After Boyfriend Blackmails Her Over Nude Pictures; Complaint Filed.

Shweta initially stole the keys to her mother's house on the day of the heist, leaving her new residence under the guise of going to purchase vegetables. After changing into the burqa in a public lavatory, she proceeded to her mother's residence, unlocked the main door and the locker using the keys, and fled with cash and valuables. According to the authorities, Shweta feigned to be concerned and distraught when Kamlesh told her about the heist. They said that she believed no one would suspect her. According to reports, Shweta informed the police that she had sold the jewellery. However, the cops have succeeded in retrieving them.

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