Over the years the virtual world of the internet has diversified exponentially and received a huge audience and appreciation. One of the big markets is the gaming industry. Technological advancement and digital innovations have contributed to an upsurge in the gaming industry. In particular, the youth is highly inclined towards it. In the Indian market many companies are ascending and made a mark in the industry, one of them is DIGICODES®.

DIGICODES® was founded in August 2017 by Varun Avasthi, and has emerged as the largest digital gaming and e-good store in India. Since its inception, DIGICODES® has made a colossal contribution to the gaming industry of India. They acquired their initial customer base with their popular products and competitive price, mainly in tier 2 and 3 cities. They have gained over 100,000 users and subscribers over 3 years.

DIGICODES® has catered well to its users, presenting its audience with an amazing and large catalog of 25000+ digital and e-goods including video games, software, tools, utilities, gift cards, e-courses, in-game items, downloadable content, and more!

All these features and digital items are accessible to their users from the digital portal of DIGICODES®, which has a user-friendly interface. The customers are provided with dashboards that enlist all the orders thus enabling the customer to manage their purchases and access their games and other digital downloads and download them at any given time.

The company has received a good amount of appreciation from its users, according to its founder; Varun Avasthi. The popularity of DIGICODES® can be assessed by the thousands of positive reviews that their customers have left for them on popular review websites. The company is rated excellent across various review platforms with 3000+ customer reviews of its services

The company has tied up with all the popular payment gateways including Paypal, Payumoney, Cashfree and others, to provide access to their services to various groups of people. Customers can also take advantage of engaging in purchases with the EMI option, this is useful especially for the students who have a limited budget.

DIGICODES® is not just user friendly but has also established itself as an environment-friendly start-up. Most of the products are available for a lesser price than their physical counterparts, the company also provides regular discounts and cashback offers to its customers, ensuring they get the best out of this deal.

Being sensitive about global warming, environmental protection; and being a digitally-driven business; DIGICODES® has plans to undertake various related CSR activities. In this regard; the start-up has pledged to remain green, paperless, and plastic-free.

Going forward; DIGICODES® plans to expand into the global market. The start-up also fits very well into the government's digital push and Atmanirbhar Bharat push.

Needless to say, that this start-up is on the way to a bright future in the digital gaming industry; and in India.

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