Dog Meat, Not Mutton Being Served in Bengaluru Restaurants? Fear Grips City After Several Stray Dogs Go Missing
Representational Image | (Photo Credits: Dog Lovers Foundation/Facebook)

Bengaluru, July 20: Restaurants in Bengaluru may be serving dog meat instead of mutton. This fear has gripped the city after several stray dogs went missing from Chandapura localities recently. Stray dogs are often slaughtered for their meat which used as a cheap substitute for mutton. A fresh incident of stray dogs going missing has been reported in Chandapura town, triggering fear that the animals may have ended up in the meat trade.

According to a report, the resident welfare association of VBHV apartments on Anekal Road hired a Tamil Nadu-based agency to relocate stray dogs roaming in their locality so that they could be spared the incessant barking at night. Two vehicles arrived and took away the dogs, most of them puppies. The incident took place last week and since then the whereabouts of the dogs have remained unknown. Nearly 50 stray dogs had been taken away. UP Man, Mistaken For Thief, Set Ablaze by Locals, Entered House to Avoid Stray Dogs.

Following an intervention by Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Anekal police have asked VBHV association members to show proof where the dogs have been relocated. "Residents are claiming that these dogs were released somewhere near Jigani. About 50 strays from the area have gone missing but the residents are claiming that they have relocated only 27 of them. We suspect that these dogs ended up in the meat trade," animal welfare officer KB Harish was quoted as saying. Haryana: Stray Dogs Rescue Newborn Baby Thrown by Woman in Drainage.

According to Harish, similar incidents had been taken place in past when stray dogs suddenly disappeared. "Last month, about 70 dogs went missing in HSR Layout. They could have been killed and supplied to hotels and small mutton outlets," he said. Meanwhile, a case was registered against Harish M, assistant property manager, and the VBHV association under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, IPC section 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle)along with other relevant IPC sections.