Hyderabad, April 30: Photographs of a grave with padlock, going viral on social media during the last two days, is from the Indian city of Hyderabad and not from Pakistan, as was reported, a local man claimed.

A section of media ran the story on Saturday that parents in Pakistan are securing their daughters' graves with padlocks to "safeguard them from being raped". Pakistan: Parents Lock Their Dead Daughters’ Graves To Avoid Rape.

However, the truth came out on Sunday when the person who had seen the grave with padlock at the graveyard in Madannapet area of the old city of Hyderabad last year visited the same place to post pictures and photographs on social media.

The person in the video revealed that it was the grave of his friend's mother. The old lady had passed away last year and after she was buried there, her family members had put the padlock to prevent burial of any other deceased at the same place. Rape in Pakistan: A Woman Is Sexually Assaulted Every Two Hours, Says Report.

Grave in Hyderabad Is 1.5 to 2-Year Old

The muezzin at Masjid-e-Salar Mulk, where the graveyard is located, said that they noticed some people burying their dead in old graves. To prevent any such thing, the relatives of the deceased installed the iron grill and locked it. He said the grill was also installed over the grave as it is very close to the entrance and the family members of the deceased wanted to make sure that visitors don't step on it.

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