Bhopal, December 6: Maintaining social distance from wife in view of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak nearly wrecked the marriage of a man in Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal. The man had to undergo a medical test to prove to his wife that he wasn’t impotent. The wife had suspected her husband to be impotent because he had started maintaining physical distance from her, and left his house to live with her parents. Coronavirus Leads to Impotency in Men? COVID-19 Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Warns American Medical Expert Dr Dena Grayson.

The matter came to light when the woman approached the Legal Services Authority on December 2, seeking subsistence amount from her husband. She said that her husband was maintaining physical distance from her because of impotence and alleged harassment by in-laws. "I had a long life to lead ahead, so I had approached the authority for seeking maintenance allowance," the wife told News18. Is India the 'Impotence Capital of the World?' With Taboo Around Erectile Dysfunction, Study Reveals How Impotence is Common Among Indian Men.

However, when counsellors reached out to the man, he revealed that he was just trying to maintain a physical distance because of the coronavirus outbreak. He also told them that some members of his wife's family had tested positive for coronavirus after their marriage on June 29. To resolve the issue, counsellors suggested him to go for a medical test to prove his wife that he wasn't impotent.

The husband then underwent a potency test and later convinced his wife to come back, News18 reported. The man was highly worried about COVID-19 infection, counsellors said. He had also believed that his wife was COVID-19 positive but her strong immunity was stopping her from exhibiting symptoms.

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