Vadodara, November 18: Six people were detained by Bakor police in the Mahisagar district of Gujarat after it was discovered that upscale liquor bottles worth Rs 1.57 lakh that were stored at the same police station had been stolen. This is just another instance of police officers taking alcohol that is kept at police stations after being confiscated. Three personnel of the Bakor police station are among the detained individuals.

According to reports, at around midnight, bottles of vodka and Scotch whisky being illegally brought into the state were seized by Bakor police station cops on June 5. Theft Inside Police Station in Bihar: Thieves Make Hole in Wall, Steal Seized Liquor Bottles From Police Station in Muzaffarpur (Watch Video).

A pickup truck from Chandigarh was filled with alcohol, and it was supposed to be delivered to a man in Surat whose phone number the driver of the truck was provided. To hide the booze supply, the bootleggers had deployed seventy-five ceiling fans. Together with the fans, 482 spirits bottles were taken into custody.

Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Ranvatsinh Varghsinh was recently requested to arrange the evidence and materials that had been seized in preparation for a police station inspection by his superiors,  as reported by TOI. Upon entering the women's lock-up, where the confiscated alcohol and fans were stored, Vaghsinh observed that the electric fan boxes were left open and that the liquor bottles had disappeared from their cartons.

Authorities discovered that one of the police station personnel had entered the lock-up on the night of October 25 and taken out alcohol bottles after they examined the police station's CCTV footage. He had turned off the CCTV camera twice in the wee hours of October 25, and when it was turned back on, the cartons were discovered to have been disturbed. Rat ‘Arrested’ in Madhya Pradesh: Police Arrests Rat for Drinking 60 Bottles of Seized Liquor at Police Station.

An investigation found that the accused cop had taken the fans and the liquor bottles out of the lock-up with five other people, including two police officers. The theft resulted in the registration of an offence. The six defendants were all taken into custody by the police and appeared in a local court on Friday, November 17. For two days, they were held on police remand in order to conduct more questioning.

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