Dharwad, February 10: A woman is accused of killing her five-year-old differently-abled daughter by stabbing her in the neck in a heinous incident. The event took place in the Hugar Oni area of Kamalapur in Dharwad, Gujarat, on Thursday night, February 8. Sahana, the child, was taken to the district civil hospital after the fatal attack on her; she later died from her injuries. In the previous six days, there have been five murders in Dharwad region.

Jyothi Hiremath was wed to Kallayya of Savadatti and had twin daughters. Her daughter Sahana had special needs, while the other child was normal. Kerala Shocker: Woman Kills Daughter With Down Syndrome, Dumps Body in Well Thiruvananthapuram, Arrested. 

According to reports, Jyothi refused to stay with her husband and had an affair with another man. After learning about Jyothi's affair, Kallayya filed for divorce, which was just approved by the court. Jyothi, a suspect in the matter, made the decision to get rid of Sahana because she believed the deformed kid would be a burden and a barrier in her relationship with her boyfriend, Rahul. Rahul and Jyothi are now in custody.

Previously, a judge in the Balasore district of Odisha sentenced a woman and her second husband to life in jail on Thursday for the murder of the lady's 13-year-old daughter. Following a complaint from the father of the deceased girl, Sheikh Qutbuddin, police detained the accused, Baby Biwi and Sk Abdul Rahim, who lived in Khwajabag in Balasore town. Chennai Shocker: Woman Gives Birth to Daughter at Home After Illicit Affair With Another Man, Throws Newborn Child Into Velachery Lake; Arrested. 

Qutbuddin claimed that his daughter's mother had killed her in a lawsuit he filed on June 25 of last year. According to him, she passed away on June 22 of last year under mysterious circumstances. She had previously lived with her mother and stepfather. Both of the accused were taken into custody based on his complaint. The girl had been strangled to death by Biwi and Rahim because Biwi's second husband was unable to welcome her into their new life.

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