New Delhi, May 27: A heat wave will sweep across most of the states in the country in June, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast on Monday. "Above-normal monthly maximum temperatures are likely over most parts of the country in June, except many parts of the southern peninsular India, where normal to below-normal temperatures are most likely," the IMD said.

Above-normal heat wave days are likely over most parts of northwest India and adjoining areas of central India during the next month, the IMD forecast states. Heatwave in Rajasthan: Met Department Records Highest-Ever Temperatures in State With Phalodhi Registering 50 Degree Celsius.

Above-normal monthly minimum temperatures are also likely across most parts of the country in June, except for the extreme northern parts of northwest India and a few pockets of east and northeast India, where normal to below-normal minimum temperatures are most likely, the IMD said. Heatwave Warning: IMD Issues Red Alert Across North India for Next Five Days.

Heatwave Alert

The IMD has also warned that during heat waves, vulnerable populations, like the elderly and those with health conditions, face risks of heat-related illnesses. Prolonged extreme heat strains infrastructure and leads to dehydration. Authorities must act proactively by opening cooling centres, issuing advisories, and reducing urban heat islands.

These steps are crucial for protecting public health during heat waves. One has to stay hydrated, remain in an optimally cool environment, and avoid strenuous activities during peak heat hours to stay safe during heat waves.

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