HYDERABAD: In what can be termed as a rare case of survival a 33-year-old man,after a prolonged battle with Covid-19,made a recovery and was discharged on Saturday. M Suresh Kumar, an admin staff at a night club, had been hospitalised for over six months. This was the second time Kumar had been admitted with Covid-19. He was first diagnosed with Covid-19 and admitted to Gandhi-Hospital  in April for 15 days according to a report in Times Of India(TOI).

"After the 15 days treatment protocol was over and I had improved, I went home but within a week the symptoms were back and this time they were much stronger. At that point of time, I went to a private hospital but after two weeks my condition worsened and I was back at Gandhi Hospital. For the initial two months, I was hardly able to understand anything," said kumar. Bihar Woman Dies After Taking Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

During his long stay at the hospital, he underwent many procedures and remained unconscious for nearly a month. "He (Kumar) had been in Gandhi for six months and was discharged  today after a full recovery. During the hospital stay, his condition was very serious andhad to be on PAP along with ICD (intercostal drainage) tubes in both lungs for weeks," said Gandhi Hospital superintendent Dr M Raja Rao. Dr Rao explained that at one point of time, Kumar had sepsis with multi-organ dysfunction and had become very critical. "His battle for life continued for six months. He underwent lung surgery and ultimately won the battle," the superintendent said and thanked all the doctors, nurses, patient care workers and other staff involved in nursing the 33-yearold to make a full recovery.

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