Hyderabad, December 27: A revenge plot involving marijuana planting has led to the arrest of six individuals in Hyderabad. The woman, identified as Adhokshaja and her boyfriend Deepak, executed the plan with the help of four friends. Adhokshaja convinced her ex-boyfriend, Shravan, to meet at a park to settle their differences. While Adhokshaja kept Shravan engaged, her friends discreetly placed marijuana packets under the seat of his car.

As per India Today reports,  Adhokshaja later reported to the Jubilee Hills police station about alleged illegal marijuana activities, providing Shravan's vehicle number. Shravan, who had suspected foul play, checked his car after Adhokshaja and her friends left, only to discover the hidden drugs in his car. He immediately reported the incident to the police, narrating the entire incident. Hyderabad: Stampede-Like Situation Outside Firm During Walk-in Interview as Job Seekers Tussle With Each Other at Entry Gate.

According to multiple reports, upon investigation, the police found that Adhokshaja, Deepak, and their friends had orchestrated the scheme for revenge. When inquired about her motive behind the revenge plot, Adhokshaja revealed that Shravan had "character assassinated" her, motivating her to plan the retaliation. The police registered a case against the six individuals involved in the plot. Hyderabad Shocker: Eight-Year-Old Boy Brutally Murdered, Family Suspect Human Sacrifice; Transgender Among Five Arrested.

The accused, including Adhokshaja, Deepak Mohan, Yashwant Sai, Dixit Reddy, Praneet Topi, Surya Teja, and Mahender Yadav, were arrested under the NDPS Act and presented before the court. The group had purchased 40 grams of ganja powder for Rs 4,000 and divided it into five packets. Adhokshaja, a 26-year-old law student and finance company employee, is among those facing legal consequences for their misguided revenge plot.

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