New Delhi, February 21: Highlighting India's burgeoning global presence, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasised the nation's growing interest in the Mediterranean region during his closing remarks at the Raisina Dialogue's inaugural event on Wednesday. Jaishankar's observations underscored the pivotal role the India-Greece partnership plays in shaping the nation's upward trajectory on the international stage.

"India's growing interest in the Mediterranean region is an important facet of our steady rise. The India-Greece partnership can surely serve as an anchor," he said while extending the vote of thanks following Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis remarks at the dialogue. Raisina Dialogue 2024: PM Narendra Modi, Greek Counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotakis Attend Ninth Annual Event in Delhi (Watch Videos).

EAM S Jaishankar Terms India’s Interest in Mediterranean

The Greek PM was the keynote speaker and chief guest of the inaugural session of the Raisina Dialogue. Further drawing attention to the unique platform of the Raisina Dialogue, Jaishankar credited the event's success to its diverse participants. Describing it as a "Made in India version of a Global Public Square," he emphasised how the dialogue has evolved into its current stature due to the collective efforts of the participants, transforming it into a hub of global discourse.

EAM Jaishankar thanked the chief guest, PM Mitsotakis of Greece, and his wife for their participation. He commended the Greek PM for delivering an inspirational and thought-provoking address, especially highlighting the resonance of his message on democracies that deliver, which holds particular significance in the current global context. Raisina Dialogue 2024: ‘India is Great Power on World Stage, Crucial Ally in Pursuit of Peace and Security’ Says Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Watch Video).

Jaishankar then turned the spotlight on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, emphasising his presence as a symbol of India's growing engagement with the world. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence amongst us, as always, is a reminder of India's growing engagement with the world, especially in the last decade. He has shown us why it is as important to listen and reflect as it is to articulate and express," the EAM said.

Delving into the day's events, EAM Jaishankar emphasised the intensification of the strategic partnership between India and Greece, emphasising the shared responsibility of the two civilizational states to contribute to the contemporary global order.

"This event takes place at the end of a day which has seen the intensification of the strategic partnership between India and Greece established during Prime Minister Modi's visit in 2023. As two civilizational states, our countries have a particular responsibility to contribute to the evolution of the contemporary global order," he said.

"We both naturally tend to take a long view of challenges and a considered one of opportunities. In the flow of history, connectivity has always played a crucial role. It is only to be expected that the talks between the two prime ministers today focused on enhancing the linkage between two global economic centres, India and Europe," the EAM added.

Highlighting the emerging opportunities, Jaishankar pointed out that as India deepens its footprint abroad, Greece has become a favourable destination. "Our pharmaceutical industry, our agro-business and aviation are already established there. And the Prime Minister, in his address, mentioned growing Greek investment and interest in India. We expect that a mobility agreement will bring us even closer. Raisina is good for business as well," the EAM said.

PM Modi and his Greek counterpart, who is currently on a visit to New Delhi, attended the inaugural session of the 9th Raisina Dialogue in the national capital. The Raisina Dialogue is India's flagship conference on geopolitics and geoeconomics, committed to addressing the most challenging issues facing the global community.