Ahmedabad, April 9: A shocking incident of lion attack has come to light from Gujarat, where a 20-year-old migrant labourer from Madhya Pradesh was brutally attacked by a lion. The lion attack incident took place in Junagadh's Umrala village. The victim, identified as Anil Vasuniya, is presently battling for his life. The incident occurred on Sunday, April 7 when Vasuniya went to answer nature's call.

At the same time, he saw a lion and ran away. However, the lion chased Vasuniya and allegedly sunk its teeth into his spine, reports Times of Inda. As Vasuniya lay injured on the ground, the lion sat beside him and reportedly refused to budge away while villagers tried to shoo it. Officials said that the lion did not move away even when the farm owner came in his car and blew horns. ‘Lions Do Not Run They Walk Slowly’: Gujarat High Court Rejects Railways’ Claim That Asiatic Lions Death From Train Hits Took Place While Chasing Prey.

Ultimately, the farm owner slowly drove the car, distracted the lion, and quickly put Vasuniya in it. This is the third lion attack on humans in the Gir and Greater regions since March 22. The attacks have raised serious concerns, and experts have alerted the forest department of possible rabies infection among the wild cats.

A senior forest official said that Vasuniya was referred to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for major surgery. YV Jhala, a lion expert, said that he suspects the attacks to be rabies. The former dean of the Wildlife Institute of India also said that he has flagged the same to the forest department as "unprovoked attacks by lions are mostly by rabid animals." Gujarat Government Plans to Develop Open Jungle Safari in Barda Sanctuary, Bringing More Lions There.

Meanwhile, Nityanand Srivastava, Principal chief conservator, said they will carry out a detailed medical examination, including the blood tests of the three big cats that attacked humans to check if they were rabid.

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