Mumbai, May 20: A 12-year-old girl experienced a severe health scare after consuming a liquid nitrogen-infused paan in Karnataka's Bengaluru. The girl reportedly developed holes in her stomach after eating liquid nitrogen paan. The incident occurred at the end of April, causing significant concern among healthcare professionals.

According to the Times of India report, the girl who tried the trendy 'smoky paan' out of curiosity was admitted to Narayana Multispeciality Hospital in HSR Layout with acute stomach pain. Dr. Vijay HS, the lead surgeon, reported that an exploratory laparotomy and sleeve gastrectomy were performed to address the complications. During the procedure, a 4x5 cm section of the stomach was removed. Small Boy Suffers Excruciating Pain After Consuming Smokey Biscuits, Netizens Share Video Warning Against Use of Liquid Nitrogen in Food (Watch Video).

As per the report, the girl developed a case of perforation peritonitis, a life-threatening condition characterised by a hole in the stomach lining. Dr. Vijay emphasised the need for caution and awareness regarding using liquid nitrogen in culinary applications. He cited a similar incident from 2017 in Gurugram, where an individual sustained injuries after consuming a liquid nitrogen cocktail.

The young girl's ordeal ended with her discharge after six days in the hospital. Still, it is a stark reminder of the potential dangers of culinary trends involving hazardous substances. What Is Liquid Nitrogen? Can Using Liquid Nitrogen in Food Cause Serious Health Risks and Side Effects? All You Need To Know.

On April 25, the Tamil Nadu Health Department issued an order stating that liquid nitrogen should be completely evaporated before a food item or beverage is served. The directive was issued after a boy reportedly developed complications after consuming “smoke biscuits” at an exhibition at Davanagere in Karnataka. A social media user had posted a video of the boy eating smoke biscuits and experiencing severe discomfort. The boy was immediately taken to a hospital.

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