Bhopal, December 6: A car outing in Madhya Pradesh turned tragic when two drunken friends allegedly pushed their third friend out of the speeding vehicle. After throwing the third person out, the two friends continued to drive the car without realising that their friend was entangled in the seatbelt. The deceased, identified as Sandeep Naqwal, a father of two, was reportedly dragged along for 25 km on the Bhopal-Gwalior highway.

According to a report in the Times of India, Naqwal died after being dragged for such a long distance. The incident occurred when the three friends were returning from a funeral in Ajmer. The trio took the route via Bhopal, although it was longer by about 60 km. An argument occurred between Sandeep and his cousin Sanjeev Naqwal (53) after having dinner in the Sehore district. Madhya Pradesh Shocker: Couple Abused, Beaten Up and Forced to Touch Feet of Accused in Supermarket in Khandwa; One Arrested After Viral Video Surfaces.

Their friend, Rajesh Chadhar, was driving the car. The argument escalated to such a point that Sanjeev forcibly ejected his cousin Sandeep and pushed him out of the moving vehicle. Following this, Sanjeev and Rajesh sped on without realising that Sandeep was entangled in the seat belt and was being dragged along.

His screams for help went unheard due to the wind and engine noise. Passing motorists wh o were taken aback by the sight immediately called "Dial 100" and informed the police about the car speeding at 100kmph. A few even tried to alert Sanjeev and the driver, but all the efforts were in vain. The duo, who were reportedly drunk, paid no heed.

Soon, a police patrol car started to chase them and intercepted their vehicle at Duraha toll plaza, around 35 km from Bhopal. However, by the time police stopped the vehicle, the victim's body was ripped to the bone, and his skull was smashed, too. An officer privy to the case said that the left side of the sedan car was allegedly streaked with blood and flesh. Madhya Pradesh Shocker: Teenager Raped Multiple Times for Three Months by Two Friends Who Threatened to Make Her Video Viral in Gwalior.

Both Sanjeev Naqwal and Rajesh Chadhar have been arrested and booked for murder. "The man was dragged for more than 25km before they were stopped. Both accused maintained that they didn't know Sandeep was entangled in the seat belt or that he was being dragged to his death," Sehore ASP Sameer Garg said.

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