Bhopal, May 27: A woman and a man belonging to different religions, were mandhandled by a mob while leaving a hotel in Indore after having dinner, police said. A viral video of the incident which took place on Friday night shows the group of about 20 people surrounding the two and asking the Muslim girl why she having dinner with a Hindu man.

The girl is seen requesting with joined hands to let them go, while one person from the mob lectures the two on Islam. "When the woman and man came out of the hotel after having food, the mob chased and surrounded them and questioned the woman about why she was in the company of a man from a different faith," Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Raghuvanshi said. Bihar: Upset Over Youth’s Death, Violent Mob Attacks Police Team in Muzaffarpur.

Watch Video: Woman, Man of Different Faiths Manhandled by Mob

According to Raghuvanshi, the woman told the mob that she had informed her parents about the dinner. "Meanwhile, two persons who came to the couple's rescue were injured after one of them was stabbed with a knife by someone from the crowd," he added. Uttar Pradesh: Mob Attacks Woman, Sets House Ablaze in Shahjahanpur Over Alleged Dispute; Probe On.

Police said a case under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC was registered and seven accused have been identified so far. "Two of the accused, in the 23-26 age group, have been arrested, while efforts to identify and nab the remaining people who formed the mob are underway."

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