Mizoram, December 12: Four People have been arrested and drugs worth Rs 133.75 lakh have been recovered by the Excise and narcotics officials in the outskirt of Pukpui village near Lunglei town on Friday.

The recovered contraband included 50,000 tablets (4.915 kg) of Methamphetamine, better known as crystal meth and 316 grams of heroin, according to officials. Mumbai: Air Intelligence Unit Arrests Two Zimbabwe Nationals for Possession of Heroin Worth Rs 240 Crore at Airport

Three of the four people arrested are from Myanmar, while one is from Hauruang village near Lunglei town.

According to a report in The Times of India, the drugs were hidden in charcoal bags and transported in a pickup truck and an autorickshaw, both of which were seized by the authorities.

The accused were brought before a district court in Lunglei on Saturday, where they were placed in judicial custody for 14 days, according to officials.

The volume of trafficking of narcotic substances and drugs has increased from Myanmar, with which Mizoram shares a 404km-long porous international border, this year, the report quoted the officials as saying.

The officials attributed the increase in such activities to the absence of an efficient civil administration in Myanmar after the military coup on February 1.

The state excise and narcotics department has seized 17 kg and 95 g of heroin along with 6 kg and 930 g of Methamphetamine till November 30 this year. Pune: Drugs Worth Rs 13.4 Lakh Seized From Couple

Last year, the department officials seized 11 kg and 710 g of heroin while the amount of seizure in 2019 was 12 kg and 596 g.

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