Mumbai, December 3: In a bizarre incident that took place in Mumbai, a man lost over Rs 1 lakh after his debit card got stuck in an ATM in Borivali. As per reports, the 43-year-old man allegedly lost Rs 1.08 lakh when he tried to withdraw money from an ATM in Borivali. Police officials said that the incident took place when the man was removing money from his wife's account.

According to a report in the Times of India, the complainant told cops that his debit card got stuck in the ATM Machine. In his complaint, the victim said that a man who was standing behind him while removing money must have misused his card. Acting on the vctim's complaint, the Borivali police lodged an FIR. Mumbai Shocker: Class 10 Student Slashes Classmate With Knife Outside School in Kandivli, Victim Receives 19 Stitches; Accused at Large.

Police officials said that the complainant works as a senior officer with a private healthcare company. The incident took place on Thursday, December 1, when the man visited an ATM located near his office to withdraw money. Cops said that the man was trying to withdraw money from his wife's debit card.

An officer said that the complainant inserted the card and entered the PIN, however, while he was waiting for the cash to get dispensed, the card did not come out of the machine. "An unknown man waiting behind me in the queue had been observing while I was keying in the PIN. When my wife's card got stuck, this man advised me to approach the bank and seek help," the FIR stated. Mumbai Shocker: Four Lock Minor Girl in BMC School Classroom, One Rapes, Another Molests Her; Two Accused Arrested.

When the man was discussing his issue with the bank, he received text messages stating that Rs 20,000 was deducted from his account. The man said that he received four such texts of money being withdrawn from his wife's bank account. A few hours later, the man received another message where it stated that his wife's card was used to purchase footwear worth Rs 8,000 from an outlet in Borivali.

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