Mumbai, January 17: In yet another case of online fraud, a doctor and her friend were allegedly duped to the tune of Rs 2.55 lakh. Police officials said that the 27-year-old doctor and her friend lost Rs 2.55 lakh in a cyber-scam fraud. The duo were lured for part-time job and investment in cryptocurrency.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the incident came to light after Dr Hemal Dave, a private practitioner who also works with a hospital in Malad lodged a complaint with the Kurar police. In her complaint, Dave said that on January 12, she received a WhatsApp message which asked if she was interested in a part-time job. Biker Dies After His Throat Slit by Banned Nylon Manja During Makar Sankranti Celebrations in Bhiwandi, Case Registered.

Dave quickly replied to know more about the job details to which the person responded by saying that she has to give positive reviews to YouTube videos for which she will receive payment. Speaking about the incident a police officer said, "Dave completed a few tasks and was paid small amounts in return, which convinced her that she was dealing with a genuine party."

He further added, "This went on for a day, and the next evening, the accused asked her to install a bitcoin app, saying that it was part of the task. On the accused's instructions, Dave started transferring increasing amounts of money into the app, which showed her that her investment was already getting good returns."

The officer said that Dave, who was lured of huge profits, ended up paying Rs 1.55 lakh in two days in the app. Meanwhile, the accused encouraged Dave to invest more stating that higher investments would bring much better returns. Following this, Dave asked her friend, who also deposited Rs 1 lakh. However, things turned awry when Dave questioned about the returns. Online Fraud in Mumbai: Andheri Woman's Family Trip to Dubai Gets Spoilt After Fake Website Dupes Her of Rs 6.8 Lakh.

The so-called accused told her that she made some mistakes while performing the tasks and hence would not get any returns until she deposits Rs 2 lakh into the app. "Dave refused to send any more money till she had received what she had been promised, and the accused cut off all communication with her," the officer said. Dave realised that she was conned and approached the police immediately.

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