Patiala, April 23: Following the tragic death of a 10-year-old girl during her birthday celebration, officials investigating the matter revealed that the cake she consumed contained a high level of artificial synthetic sweetener. The girl, Manvi, and her family fell ill after consuming a chocolate cake ordered online from the bakery last month. The cake, supplied by "Cake Kanha", allegedly contained poisonous substances, leading to severe health complications for the family.

According to a report by NDTV, District Health Officer Dr Vijay Jindal revealed that samples of cake collected for testing showed elevated levels of saccharine, an artificial sweetener commonly used as a sugar substitute. While small amounts of saccharine are common in food and drinks, high concentrations can lead to a rapid increase in blood glucose levels, posing serious health risks. Patiala Shocker: 10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Eating Birthday Cake in Punjab, Bakery Shop Owner Booked (Watch Video).

While another report by India Today reveals that high levels of a synthetic sweetener were discovered in samples taken from the same bakery. Dr Vijay Jindal confirmed that four cake samples from the bakery were tested, with two containing elevated levels of saccharin. The tragic incident unfolded on March 24, shortly after Manvi and her family celebrated her birthday, with video footage capturing the joyous occasion just hours before her untimely demise. Birthday Celebration Turns Tragic in Punjab: Girl Dies After Eating Birthday Cake Ordered Online in Patiala; Bakery Shop Owner Booked.

Following the consumption of the cake, Manvi and her sister began experiencing symptoms of illness, including vomiting and dryness in the mouth. Despite efforts to seek medical assistance, Manvi succumbed to the suspected food poisoning, sparking widespread outrage and calls for accountability. In response to the findings, authorities have pledged to take swift action against the bakery, including fines and potential legal repercussions for the bakery owner. An FIR has already been filed in connection with the case, underscoring the seriousness of the matter.

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