Have you ever felt hard-pressed finding a decent hot towel shave? How about a quality haircut? If you answered yes, you’re not alone! Celebrated editorial, advertising and portraiture photographer, Martin Prihoda felt the same. Noticing this gap was the first step in establishing his brainchild Chop Shop – Barber &

Brand in 2018. Martin along with the Chop Shop team that includes his wife Tonia Clark and Kenneth D’Souza as Co-founders and Chris Downer as creative partner opened their first location in Goa. Chop Shop has since been a pioneer in the

premium men’s grooming segment that has witnessed a vast and ever-growing demand in India. With their unique concept barbershop, the team had set out with an onus to raise the bar and redefine the men’s grooming experience. Being a native of Canada, it was equally important for Martin to implement quality and service standards that he was accustomed to in North America.

With their brand increasing in popularity and a strong foothold in Goa, The Chop Shop team is all set to launch a second location of their men’s grooming haven. Celebrated South Playback singer Vijay Yesudas plunged into the idea of opening a Chop Shop location in Kochi with Martin and longtime friends Anas Nasir, and Vijay Moolan. Providing an upscale feel of a New York-style barbershop, Chop Shop has amassed a following of loyalists that consider it to be the hippest barbershop around. The founder's love for biker-culture is seen flowing through every detail of the experience from its name to the interiors. Every day more Indian men choose to skip the local barbershop in favor of a more pampering and luxurious affair. Brands like Chop Shop are credited for heralding a new era in self-love for the Indian man.

The team’s dedication to providing unparalleled standards of service has been acclaimed by personalities from the likes of Manoj Bajpai to Virat Kohli. They have assembled a dream team of the finest barbers from across India, that make sure every snip and shave is delivered to your utmost liking. They are the only barbers in India with a GBBA Level 3 certification and are trained by award-winning London based barber, Mike Taylor. Their services feature some of the best and most unique products that the founder tastefully curates from his travels across the globe. As a priority, they have also doubled down on their safety and hygiene protocols to ensure that they maintain a transmission-free environment that meets all official prevention measures.

The stage is set for Chop Shop to welcome its patrons to their moody and musky interiors which is best described as a handshake between a biker club and a 1920’s New York Speakeasy. Known for its stunning aesthetics, unique concept, professionalism, and excellent grooming services, the bar of expectations are soaring high for the branch in Kochi. From being Goa’s boutique barbershop brand to now introducing Kochi’s unhackneyed concept, Chop Shop is on to leaving its footprints nationwide.

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