Mehsana, February 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the new Valinath Mahadev temple in Mehsana District of North Gujarat. During his visit, PM Modi highlighted the dual advancements of 'Deshkaj' and 'Devkaj,' marking a stride in infrastructural and cultural domains. Underlining the historical role of temples as centres of knowledge and science, PM Modi praised the newly-established temple for “continuing this tradition by fostering a path from ignorance to enlightenment.”

He commended the Rabari community for establishing educational facilities alongside the Valinath Mahadev temple, illustrating a commendable blend of devotion and education. The PM also took the opportunity to point out the simultaneous construction of temples and hundreds of permanent houses for the poor across Gujarat. He had recently initiated projects for 1.25 lakh such homes. Recalling the transformative initiatives in North Gujarat, the PM mentioned the Sujalam Sufalam Scheme, which he launched during his tenure as Chief Minister. PM Narendra Modi Celebrates Success of Amul, Urges Dairy Brand To Aim for Global Leadership (Watch Video)

He reflected on the scheme's significant impact, noting that even Opposition leaders acknowledged its “importance for regional development, predicting its remembrance for a century.” Addressing the interplay between development ('Vikas') and heritage ('Virasat'), the PM criticised the previous governments for creating a false dichotomy between the two, explicitly targeting the Congress party for “politicising religious sites and hindering the celebration of India's heritage.” Modi 3.0: PM Narendra Modi To Cement Goal of Bolstering USD 300 Billion Electronics Manufacturing, Says Report

PM Modi Inaugurates New Valinath Mahadev Temple

He condemned their stance on various temples, including the controversial handling of the Somnath temple and the Ram Lalla temple in Ayodhya. The PM also highlighted the discovery of ancient settlements in Vadnagar and Dholavira by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), praising these findings as testaments to India's glorious past. Further discussing infrastructural achievements, he spoke on enhancing railway lines and road networks to improve connectivity between North Gujarat and major ports, which will facilitate the operation of new trains.

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