Bhopal, December 23: In a bold declaration during the final day of the Madhya Pradesh assembly session, Chief Minister Mohan Yadav pledged to restore India’s historical prominence and championed the cause of relocating the global Prime Meridian to Ujjain. “Ujjain is the global Prime Meridian”, the Chief Minister said claiming to ‘correct the time of the world’.

Yadav emphasised that 300 years ago, India played a pivotal role in establishing the world’s standard time and that an instrument to establish the fact was still available in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain, reported Hindustan TimesMadhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav Reviews Preparations for ‘Benefit Distribution to Hukumchand Mill Workers’ Programme in Indore.

He lamented that during colonial rule, the time standard shifted to Paris and later to Greenwich, as the British Empire gained supremacy. Madhya Pradesh Will Follow Footsteps Just in Way PM Narendra Modi Is Leading Country, Says CM-Designate Mohan Yadav.

Criticising westernisation, Yadav vowed to shift the Prime Meridian away from Greenwich.

The Prime Meridian, marking 0 degrees longitude, serves as the reference line for measuring distances east and west around the Earth.

Yadav questioned the practice of starting a new day at midnight. He argued that people typically wake up with the sunrise or slightly later.

He attributed this imposition of a midnight-based scale to diluting Indian culture.

The Chief Minister affirmed that his government is committed to elevating the country’s respect and preserving Sanatan culture.

Congress MLA Jaivardhan Singh’s suggestion to adopt an “Indian standard” time had earlier prompted laughter from the opposition. Undeterred, Yadav criticised this mindset, asserting that it has hindered progress.

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