New Delhi, July 26: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hailed the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan government’s scheme for the gig workers in the state saying it will provide financial security to the workers of the gig economy and will also become basis for reliable employment. “To give more than 3 lakh gig workers of Rajasthan their rights and self-respect, the Congress government of the state has implemented a new law, which is the first such law in India. This law will provide financial security to the workers of gig economy, will become the basis of reliable employment for crore of youth,” the Gandhi scion said in a tweet.

He pointed out that he had promised the youth during Bharat Jodo Yatra to bring a scheme for them. “During my Bhatrat Jodo Yatra, I had met many gig workers, some taxi drivers, some delivery men – uncertain futures in work, and also risky due to always being on the streets. All of them said one thing, they work hard day and night but they do not have any financial security, neither the government listens to them, nor brings any concrete plan for them,” he said. Rahul Gandhi Hits Back at PM Narendra Modi Over His Jibe at Opposition, Says 'Call Us Whatever You Want, We Are INDIA'.

“This is also being discussed in Karnataka, and in the recent budget, accident insurance of up to Rs 4 lakh was announced for them. We are making policies that help them as well as those who employ them. We always stand with the poor and hard working people of India, so that they get the fruits of their penance. Whatever we promise to them, we show it by fulfilling it. When every hardworking countryman gets economic strength and full rights, then only India will unite,” the Congress leader added.

His remarks came after the Rajasthan government on Monday passed a bill to register platform-based gig workers and their aggregators and to provide a social net to an army of mostly youngsters who have become an integral part of everyday life but are paid poorly and enjoy little job security. Rahul Gandhi Says 'Humble Farmers Understand Their Rights, When Required to Oppose Bills Like Farm Laws'.

The Rajasthan Platform-Based Gig Workers (Registration and Welfare) Bill seeks to set up a welfare fund, making the state helmed by Chief Minister and Congress veteran Ashok Gehlot the first to get such a piece of legislation passed. Activists described the bill as ‘historic’.

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