Vavdi, April 21: In Rajkot, a tragic incident unfolded on Saturday, April 20, as a 14-year-old boy collapsed and died while playing cricket near his home in the Laxmi Narayan Society of the Vavdi area. Renish Nakani was engrossed in a game of cricket near his residence in Laxmi Narayan Society when he collapsed without warning. Despite immediate efforts to rush him to the civil hospital, Renish was pronounced dead upon arrival, leaving behind grieving family members.

As per the Times of India report, Renish was a class 7 student and the youngest among his three brothers. Reportedly, the initial assessment pointed towards a sudden heart attack; however, doctors are awaiting the results of a postmortem to confirm the cause of Renish's untimely demise. The city faced another heart-wrenching loss when a 37-year-old met a similar fate, collapsing while attending a friend's son's wedding in Kagdadi village near Rajkot. Heart Attack Deaths in Gujarat: 1,052 People Lost Their Lives in Last Six Months Due to Heart Attacks, 80% Victims Below 25 Years, Says Education Minister Kuber Dindor.

The deceased, identified as Manoj Bavaliya, was rushed to the civil hospital, where he was declared dead upon arrival. As per the report, Manoj was the youngest among seven siblings. The occurrence of two suspected cases of sudden cardiac arrest within a 24-hour period hints at the alarming prevalence of cardiac emergencies in the city. Alarmingly, this isn't an isolated occurrence. Statistics from last year paint a grim picture, with a notable surge in cardiac emergencies across Gujarat. Sudden Heart Attack Deaths in Gujarat: Two Men Suffer Heart Attack in Rajkot City and Khorana Village in Past 24 Hours, Both Die.

As per a report, EMRI 108 data reveals an alarming 35 per cent increase in such emergencies compared to 2018, totalling a staggering 72,573 cases in 2023, alone. The rise in cardiac emergencies is a cause for concern, prompting a closer examination of health infrastructure and awareness campaigns. Ahmedabad emerged as a hotspot for such emergencies, with a significant number of calls per 1 lakh population. Major hospitals specialising in cardiovascular diseases corroborate these findings, highlighting the urgent need for preventive measures and improved access to cardiac care services.

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