Patna, May 28: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the new Parliament house, the RJD compared the shape of the new building with a coffin. The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on its official Twitter handle posted two photographs one is the aerial view of the newly built Parliament and the other is a coffin and also gave a caption "What is this (Ye Kya Hai)".

Following the post, the RJD leaders remained tight-lipped. It seems that the post was uploaded at the level of top leadership and left it for a public reaction. A large number of social media users commented on it, but the RJD leaders were not saying anything. RJD Compares New Parliament Building With Coffin on Inauguration Day, Says 'Democracy Being Buried'; BJP Demands Treason Case.

RJD Compares New Parliament Building With Coffin

"We have compared the new Parliament building with the coffin as the current regime is doing the coffinism (Tabutikaran) in the country. The inauguration of a new Parliament by the prime minister is a violation of the constitution and tradition. Congress Slams Narendra Modi, Says ‘Self-Glorifying Authoritarian’ PM Inaugurates New Parliament Building.

"The President is the top post in the country and Parliament. Article 79 clearly says that the president is the supreme leader of the country. We request the prime minister to avoid doing Tabutikaran of democracy in the country," said Shakti Singh Yadav, spokesperson of the RJD.

Meanwhile, the BJP leaders sharply reacted to this. Arvind Kumar Singh, the senior leader and state spokesperson of BJP said: "RJD has compared the shape of the new Parliament building with a coffin. I want to say that the mindset of RJD is to go into a coffin. The mindset of RJD is affected by foreigner's slavery. On the precious and glorious movement of the country, the RJD and others are talking inauspicious. The people of the country will put them into coffins. The previous shape of Parliament was zero. So it depends on how you analyze it. I believe the RJD has the coffin mindset."

"The way opposition leaders are opposing the inauguration of a new Parliament, I want to tell them that it is built with the hard earned money of taxpayers. They are opposing Modi but they should understand that they are actually opposing the nation. They are opposing crores of people whose money is invested in it. You are opposing democracy as the members sitting in it are those who are elected by the people of the country. So it is actually boycotting the nation. The people of the country are watching them. They will not give votes to them to sit in the temple of democracy," Singh said.

"The new Parliament of India is an ultimate example of a new architect. It is maintaining the historic and democratic India. It is a pride of all Indians. We believe that India's democracy is in safe hands of our PM Narendra Modi. It is really a shame that opposition parties are boycotting the inaugural ceremony of the new parliament and criticizing our PM. It is most condemnable that RJD is comparing the new Parliament with a coffin," said Nikhil Anand, national general secretary of BJP's OBC wing and state spokesperson.

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