Bengaluru, July 26: In a recent sextortion case, cyber extortionists allegedly tried to demand money from a Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MP from Karnataka last week, but the vigilant lawmaker was able to repel them. GM Siddeshwara, 71, a Davanagere MP and former Union minister, got a WhatsApp video call on 20 July when he was in his residence at Kingfisher Towers, close to UB City. He claims that a woman made unwanted sexual advances and started revealing her privates while on call.

Although, the latter blocked the contact number, the criminals continued to call and taped his conversation with them. The callers didn't stop calling Siddeshwara that day until he gave his phone to his wife. Senior Citizen Sextortion Scam: Man Arrested From Rajasthan for Using Nude WhatsApp Video Call Trick to Extort Money, Mobile Phones With Screenshots of Victims Seized.

While he was with the police to report the matter, he received another WhatsApp call wherein the fraudsters threatened the lawmaker to post his recordings on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, among other social media sites.

Police investigating Siddeshwara's allegation discovered that the calls originated from a specific number in Rajasthan. They said that there had been an attempt at sextortion.

According to Siddeshwara's complaint, he initially got a WhatsApp message asking, "How are you?" at around 10.16 p.m. on July 20. He remained silent. Around 10.22 p.m., he then received a WhatsApp video call. A woman who called him and spoke to him in Hindi. She began exposing her privates and acting improperly when Siddeshwara questioned who she was and why she had called. From Sextortion to OLX Scams, Mewat Is Way Ahead of Jamtara in Cyber Crimes.

A probe has been initiated into the matter, and the cyber cell of the police have launched a manhunt for the accused.

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