New Delhi, August 18: Edtech platform Unacademy has sacked its teacher who stirred up a controversy by asking students to vote for educated candidates. Karan Sangwan, an legal faculty with Unacademy, also raised questions over the bills related to IPC, CrPC tabled in Parliament. In a video, the teacher appealed to his students to vote for educated candidates next time. Unacademy sacked the teacher, after this appeal, saying classroom is not a right place to share personal opinions and views.

Roman Saini, Co-founder, Unacademy Group said, "Our learners are at the centre of everything we do. The classroom is not a place to share personal opinions and views as they can wrongly influence them. In the current situation, we were forced to part ways with Karan Sangwan as he was in breach of the Code of Conduct". He also said, "We are an education platform that is deeply committed to imparting quality education. To do this we have in place a strict Code of Conduct for all our educators with the intention of ensuring that our learners have access to unbiased knowledge." Teacher Karan Sangwan Removed From Unacademy After Video of Him Urging Students to Vote for Educated Leader Goes Viral, Founder Roman Saini Says 'Classroom Not a Place to Share Personal Opinion'.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal objected the move of sacking the teacher and said whether asking people to vote for educated person is a crime. In a reply sent to IANS the Unacademy co-founder Roman Saini said that Sangwan was in breach of contract and therefore the company had to part ways with him. Saini said that there are strict Code of Conduct for all the educators with the aim to provide unbiased knowledge to the learners. "The classroom is not a place to wrongly influence them". Uttar Pradesh: Madrasa Staff Booked for Insulting National Flag During Independence Day Event in Prayagraj.

Unacademy Fired Karan Sangwan

In his video Sangwan can be heard asking the students to elect educated politicians. He was discussing the recent bills tabled in Lok Sabha by the union government to replace British-era IPC, CrPC and Indian Evidence Act. Sangwan added that even he doesn't  know whether to laugh or cry because he also has a lot of bare acts, caseloads, and notes that he had prepared.

"Keep in mind one thing. Next time vote for someone who is well-educated so you don't have to go through this again. Elect someone who is educated, who understands things. Don't elect someone who only knows, changing things and changing names. Take a decision judiciously," he says. The teacher said that he would share the details about the controversy on his YouTube channel on August 19.

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