Lucknow, February 19: Four time-bombs that were found in a man's possession in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, a few days ago were allegedly ordered to be prepared by an elderly woman, who was taken into custody on Sunday, February 18. When the woman, identified as Shamli's Imrana Begum, 60, was questioned by police, she revealed that her home had been set on fire during the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013 and that she was seeking explosives as insurance against future communal unrest.

According to reports, Javed, 25 (first name only), watched YouTube videos before assembling the explosives using a timer. On Thursday night in Muzaffarnagar, he was detained by the UP Special Task Force (STF) close to the Kali River. Allahabad University Students Were Making Bombs in Hostel, Say Uttar Pradesh Police.

Imrana stated that she suffered major losses during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, according to a statement released by STF on Sunday. She was incensed at the violence for destroying her home. After meeting Javed, the son of one of her contacts, she learned that he was involved in the fabrication of explosive devices. The communication stated that she then got the notion to have him manufacture some explosives that they might use in the event of another fight.

STF officers claim that Imrana promised to pay Javed Rs 40,000 extra when the IEDs were delivered and that Imrana had given him Rs 10,000 in advance for the preparation of the IEDs. Javed was apprehended upon his arrival to hand over the IEDs to Imrana. Bomb Threat: 15-Year-Old Boy From Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Detained for Making Bomb Hoax Call to IndiGo.

Imrana was charged with reckless behaviour involving explosive material under IPC Section 286 and was placed under arrest under Sections 4/5 of the Explosives Act. According to Muzaffarnagar SSP Abhishek Singh, she is anticipated to be placed under police custody for additional questioning.

The SSP stated that further information is required before any firm conclusions can be drawn on the purpose of the time-bomb preparations.

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