Amethi, February 10: A recent case of fraud has emerged in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, where a family was duped into believing that their long-lost son had returned home, only to realise they had been deceived by an imposter. The series of events began when a young man, claiming to be Arun, the son who had disappeared 22 years ago, resurfaced in the village of Kharauli in Jais as a monk. Initially overwhelmed with joy, the family, desperate to reunite with their long-lost son, complied with his demands and sold their land to meet the exorbitant ransom.

However, their joy turned to despair when the young man, posing as Arun, was revealed to be Nafees from Tikariya village in Gonda. According to a report by the Jagran, the family's desperate attempts to fulfil this demand and paying over Rs 10 lakh, including selling off their land, their hopes were shattered when they discovered the truth about Nafees' identity. Further investigation revealed a pattern of deceit orchestrated by Nafees and his associates. Uttar Pradesh: Son Missing for 20 Years Returns as Monk in Amethi, Video of Emotional Reunion Goes Viral.

In similar instances across Uttar Pradesh, individuals posing as sadhus or monks have exploited families' emotions and trust for financial gain. Nafees' brother Rashid, for example, assumed the guise of a saint in Mirzapur and absconded with a significant sum of money after gaining the family's trust. In another instance, a man named Sunil engaged in a similar ruse in Varanasi, further highlighting the prevalence of such scams in the region. Uttar Pradesh: Street Vendor, Earning Rs 500 A Day, Charged With Rs 366 Crore GST Fraud in Muzaffarnagar.

The duplicitous actions of Nafees and his cohorts have not only caused immense emotional distress to the victims but have also tarnished the sanctity of the Indian Sanatan tradition. Authorities have been alerted to the situation, with the Superintendent of Police issuing instructions to the local police station to remain vigilant and ensure that justice is served.

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