Kolkata, July 14: In an unfortunate incident at Riverside Avani Mall in Howrah, a three-year-old girl named Sherish Karim from Shibpur suffered a severe injury to her left hand. The incident occurred on Wednesday evening when her hand accidentally got caught in the escalator. Witnesses reported that Sherish had reached out to grab a balloon that was floating near the edge of the escalator, leading to the tragic accident. In response to the negligence displayed by the mall authorities, the police have initiated a suo motu case against them.

According to a report by the Times of India, immediate medical attention was required, but the mall authorities struggled for an hour in their attempts to pull out Sherish's arm. Eventually, external help was sought, and it took another hour to free her from the escalator. Doctors have assessed Sherish's injuries, which include damage to tissues, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and muscles. Mumbai Lift Collapse: 13 People Miraculously Survive After Elevator of Trade World Building Crashes From 4th Floor to Ground Floor in Lower Parel.

The incident came to light when the minor started crying loudly, which caught her mother's attention. Upon hearing the cries of her daughter, Shamreen, the child's mother, immediately rushed to the escalator, desperately calling out for assistance. The sight that met her was distressing, as her daughter's hand was trapped tightly between the steel plates, rendering any immediate aid from mall security personnel or other shoppers seemingly futile. Lucknow Students Stuck in Lift Video: 12 Children Get Trapped in Elevator of Coaching Centre in Hazratganj, Rescued by Fire Department Personnel.

For the following hour, the maintenance staff tirelessly attempted to open a section of the escalator in order to free the trapped hand, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. It wasn't until approximately 8 pm that the authorities, including the police and fire brigade, were alerted to the situation. They promptly arrived at the scene and initiated the process of dismantling sections of the escalator. Finally, at around 9 pm, they succeeded in freeing the young girl.

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