New Delhi, September 24: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday again raised the issue of immediate implementation of Women's Reservation Bill, and also pitched for the caste census to address equity in the country. Speaking at a conclave here, which Congress shared from its X handle, Rahul Gandhi asked if is there fairness and equal participation in our country.

"Does the northeast feel that it is actively engaged in the national conversation, with its ideas, culture, and vision being incorporated? On many fronts, India is failing comprehensively. I raised the point in parliament regarding the core of the Government of India, where out of 90 secretaries, only three were OBCs. So, the central question arises: what is the population of OBCs, Dalits, SCs, and STs in India," he asked. Rahul Gandhi Hosts Lunch for Rameshwar, Vegetable Vendor Whose ‘Paisa Nahi Hai’ Emotional Video Went Viral; Calls Him 'Lively Person' (See Pics).

"A caste census is now a fundamental aspect of addressing equity in this country," the Congress leader said. He also said that the Women's Reservation Bill can be implemented tomorrow by allocating 33 per cent of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha seats to women.

"There is no connection between women's reservations and the Decadal Census or Delimitation," he asserted. He said that we feel very strongly that Indian women are not participating in the political system the way they should be. The single biggest act to help them participate in politics was carried out by Congress party, i.e., 33 per cent reservation in Panchayati Raj which was a game changer. Rahul Gandhi Travels With Student on Scooter in Jaipur After Distributing Two-Wheelers to Meritorious Students at Maharani College (See Pics and Videos).

"Also, please realise that when we were trying to pass women's reservation in Panchayati Raj and also the fact that the RSS doesn't allow women into its ranks. So who is interested in women empowerment is very clear," he said. He also slammed the government over the violence in northeastern state and said that the idea of Manipur doesn't exist anymore, and we have to restore it

"I have never seen what I saw in Manipur in my entire life. When we arrived in Manipur, the Meiteis warned us not to bring Kuki members as a part of our security; otherwise, they would kill them. Similarly, the Kuki people warned us against bringing security personnel from the Meitei community," he said. He said that he has never seen a situation where the government of India has no control.

"What is happening is the politics of hatred that the BJP has been playing, which has destroyed the state of Manipur. The idea of Manipur doesn't exist anymore, and we have to restore it," he added.

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