Chinnasalem, May 28: Police in Tamil Nadu arrested a popular YouTuber on Friday on charges of quackery.  R Porcheziyan, who runs the YouTube channel 'Saapattu Raman', was taken into custody for allegedly treating patients, including those with COVID-19 symptoms, despite the fact that he did not have a professional medical degree. The arrest was made following a complaint against the 60-year-old YouTuber. Tamil Nadu Man Eats Snake, Claims 'It Wards Off COVID-19'; Arrested After Video Goes Viral.

Reports said Porcheziyan would run a clinic in Koogayur village near Chinnasalem. He was allegedly treating patients with symptoms of COVID-19 and other diseases. Cops raided his clinic and recovered used syringes, medicines, tablets and injections. The YouTuber did not have proper permission to stock and use these items. COVID-19 Vaccination in India: Myths and Facts on Approval, Production, Licensing of Vaccines and More.

According to a report by The Hindu, an inquiry found that Porcheziyan only had a Bachelor of Electro-homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS) degree and did not possess the necessary qualification to treat patients. The health department officials sealed his clinic and lodged a complaint against Porcheziyan with Keelkuppam police for quackery.

More than 1.4 million people have subscribed to Porcheziyan's YouTube channel 'Saapattu Raman'. In his videos, the YouTuber takes and completes extreme food challenges.

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