BJP Is Bribing, Threatening Voters in Varanasi, Says Mayawati
File images of Mayawati | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Lucknow, May 17: BSP President Mayawati on Friday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's men were bribing and threatening voters in Varanasi and questioned why the Election Commission is not keeping an eye on his Lok Sabha constituency like in West Bengal. In a tweet, Mayawati claimed that "outsiders" were camping in Varanasi and luring and threatening people to vote for Modi.

"How can free and fair elections be held in Varanasi if efforts are being made to ensure Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory? The voters are being first lured and then threatened. Why is the Election Commission not keeping an eye here like it is doing in West Bengal?" she said. Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mayawati Says BSP Will Not Tie-up With Congress in Any State For Upcoming Polls.

Mayawati's Tweet

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader has been continuously attacking the BJP and Modi for not fulfilling the promises made in 2014 and has even made personal attacks on the Prime Minister. She has even positioned herself as a Prime Ministerial candidate and said that while Modi was ‘unfit', she was ‘fit to be Prime Minister.