Karnataka Minister BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan Mocks PM Narendra Modi's Appearance, His 'Wife Left Him Because His Face Was Not Good'
Karnataka Minister BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan and PM Narendra Modi. (ANI/PTI)

Bengaluru, April 20: Hours after Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly misleading the country on Balakot airstrike during his electoral speeches while campaigning for Lok Sabha Election 2019, another Karnataka Minister BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan mocked PM stating his 'wife left him because his face was not good'.

Speaking to the press on Saturday, Zameer Ahmed Khan commented on Narendra Modi's looks and asked would that be the basis for people to vote for him! Khan said, "He (Modi) had one wife and she left him because his face was not good. Should people vote for this face?" Narendra Modi Misleading People on Balakot Strike As If He Himself Went to Pakistan to Drop Bombs, Says Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy. 

Not only this, but he also commented on BJP leader Shivakumar Udasi's appearance in a similar way. Khan said, "Shivakumar Udasi is a two-time BJP MP. He's going around saying 'don't vote look at my face, look at Modi's face & cast your vote'. You must talk about your achievements but instead if you say look at Modi's face & vote, is it possible?"

Here's the Tweet:

Earlier, Kumaraswamy had slammed PM Modi for trying to credit for Balakot air strike. In a series of tweets, he had said, "He (PM Modi) is misleading the people that he went to Pakistan border and he only dropped the bomb. He can speak but misusing his office is wrong."

CLarifying his statement on 'Modi puts makeup and wax', said, "Why I said so was because all BJP people are saying that please see the face of Narendra Modi, vote for us." He even had said that during his father - HD Deve Gowda - tenure, the entire country was in peace at the time and no terrorist attack took place.