04 Dec, 17:22 (IST)

The Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) delivered a crushing defeat to the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) in the Mizoram assembly election 2023. The ZPM secured an absolute majority by winning 27 of 40 seats. ZPM leader and IPS officer-turned-politician Lalduhoma is likely to be the new chief minister of Mizoram.Mizoram Assembly Election Result 2023:











04 Dec, 15:04 (IST)

The counting of votes for the Mizoram assembly election is still underway. According to the Election Commission, Chief Minister and MNF candidate Zoramthanga lost the election to ZPM's Lalthansanga by 2,101 votes in the Aizawl East-1 seat. The EC said that Lalthansanga secured 10,727 votes, while Zoramthanga got 8,626 votes.

04 Dec, 13:53 (IST)

According to the Election Commission, the Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) has secured a majority in the Mizoram assembly. It has won 21 of the 40 seats and is leading on six other seats as the counting of votes continues. The prominent ZPM winners include the party's CM face, Lalduhoma, who bagged the Serchhip seat by defeating his MNF rival, J Malsawmzuala Vanchhawng, by 2,982 votes.

04 Dec, 13:17 (IST)

The counting of votes for the Mizoram assembly elections 2023 is underway. As per the latest updates, the Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) is racing towards power in Mizoram. It has won 12 seats so far and is leading in 15 others. According to the Election Commission, Chief Minister Zoramthanga was trailing in the Aizawl East-1 seat to ZPM's Lalthansanga after three rounds of counting.

04 Dec, 11:53 (IST)

According to the Election Commission, Mizoram Rural Development Minister and MNF candidate Laruatkima lost to ZPM nominee Lalnghinglova Hmar in the Aizawl West II Assembly constituency. As per ECI, Hmar of Zoram People's Movement secured 10,398, while Lalruatkima of Mizo National Front got 5,579 and Ngurdingliana of Indian National Congress received 1,528 votes.

04 Dec, 10:21 (IST)

As per the latest election commission trends, the Zoram People's Movement has comfortably crossed the halfway mark. According to ECI, ZPM has won one seat and is leading on 25 seats. On the other hand, ruling Mizo National Front is leading on nine seats, BJP on three and Congress on two seats.ZPM Crosses Halfway Mark, Leads On 22 Seats

04 Dec, 09:16 (IST)

The counting of votes for the Mizoram assembly election is underway. As per the initial trends, the Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) is leading on two seats while the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF), BJP and Congress are leading on one seat each.MNF Takes Early Lead in Mizoram

04 Dec, 08:47 (IST)

After the counting of postal ballots, counting of votes cast through EVMs has begun in Mizoram. Here's a visual from a counting centre at Aizawl Government College where strong room was unlocked for EVMs to be brought out.Counting of Votes Cast Through EVMs Begins

04 Dec, 08:16 (IST)

The counting of votes for the Mizoram Elections 2023 has begun.Vote Counting in Mizoram Begins

Aizawl, December 4: The Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2023 will be declared by the Election Commission of India (ECI) today, December 4. In the wake of the recently concluded Mizoram Assembly Elections, the political landscape in the state is buzzing with anticipation and speculation. The total of 40 seats up for grabs has seen fierce competition among the major political players, with the Mizo National Front (MNF) and Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) vying for dominance.

The main contenders for power in the state are the MNF led by incumbent Chief Minister Zoramthanga, the ZPM headed by Lalduhoma, and Congress led by Lalsawta at the helm. To form a government in the state, a party must attain the majority mark, which stands at 21 seats, adding to the complexity of the race.

The Exit Poll Results

The exit poll results have thrown up diverse scenarios, adding an element of suspense to the electoral narrative. While India Today-My Axis India predicts a clean sweep for ZPM with a projected range of 28 to 35 seats, Republic-Matrize foresees a victory for MNF with 17 to 22 seats. ABP News-C Voter, on the other hand, anticipates a majority for MNF, with projections ranging from 15 to 21 seats. Republic-MATRIZE Exit Poll 2023 Results for Mizoram Assembly Election: Survey Indicates MNF Lead, ZPM May Emerge as Strong Contender; Check Seat-Wise Details.

In its prediction, India TV-CNX suggests that Zoramthanga's MNF could emerge as the single largest party with 14 to 18 seats. Adding to the complexity, Jan Ki Baat gives the Zoram People's Movement the edge, projecting a range of 15 to 25 seats. The exit poll results reveal an evident power struggle between MNF and ZPM, raising the question of whether MNF will retain its stronghold on the state or if ZPM will emerge as the new political force to reckon with. ABP News-CVoter Exit Poll 2023 Results for Mizoram Assembly Election: MNF Takes Lead in Exit Polls, Leaving Congress With 2 Seats.

Counting Date Shift

One of the significant developments in the election process is the change in the vote-counting date. The Election Commission, in response to multiple representations, moved the counting date from December 3 (Sunday) to December 4 (Monday). The decision was grounded in the acknowledgement of December 3 (Sunday) as a day of special significance for the Christian-majority state of Mizoram.

MNF vs ZPM: Who Will Form Government?

As Mizoram eagerly awaits the verdict on December 4, the burning question is whether MNF, under the leadership of Zoramthanga, can secure another term in office or if ZPM, led by Lalduhoma, will rise to the occasion and form the government. With the fate of Mizoram hanging in the balance, all eyes will be on the counting day to determine which political force will shape the state's future for the next term. The election results, eagerly awaited by the citizens, will unveil the political destiny of Mizoram and set the course for the state's governance in the coming years.

The 2018 assembly election results set the stage for the current electoral showdown, with MNF securing 26 seats, ZPM obtaining eight, Congress winning five, and BJP managing to clinch one seat. The question now is whether MNF can retain its stronghold or if ZPM will emerge victorious and take charge of the government this time around.