Hyderabad, June 20: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Raja Singh on Saturday slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for attacking Prime Minister over the death of 20 Indian soldiers in Galwan face-off and expressed confidence that "China will be given a strong answer this time.

"Today I had seen a statement by Rahul Gandhi, in which he said 'Was BJP sleeping at that moment when China through its army attacked the Indian Army?'. At the border, it is the brave Indian Army present but not BJP workers. India-China Face-Off: P Chidambaram Sees Contradictions Between Statements of PM Narendra Modi And Indian Army, Defence, Foreign Ministers on Galwan Clash.

I would like to remind you that Prime Minister Modi ji has given the freedom to the Army to defend in whichever way possible, unlike the Congress regime where the Army's hands were tied, their powers were limited. We have entered Pakistan and neutralised the terrorists sending them a strong message," he said while speaking to ANI.

"Today Pakistan is afraid to face India. I would like to remind you [Gandhi] of China attacking India in 1962. What did your [Congress] government do, where was your prime minister, defense minister, and external home affairs minister?. All-Party Meet: PM Narendra Modi Says China 'Neither Intruded Into Indian Territory Nor Occupied Any Post'.

Because of your [Congress] mistakes, India had to bow down at that point in time," he further stated. On Friday, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted, aimed at the Prime Minister, "the Centre was fast asleep and denied the problem and the price was paid by our martyred Jawans (soldiers)."