New Delhi, May 26: Despite the plethora of election prophecies, opinion polls and surveys there is an element of subjectivity about the election results of Lok Sabha Elections 2024. While the BJP is hoping to win over 400 seats with Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticising the congress for wealth redistribution and minority appeasement, the grand old party and Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Constitution is under threat and promised to reform reservations based on a nationwide caste census.

Now with one phase of election left, the Phalodi Satta Bazar in Rajasthan has came out with its numbers for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 giving people an idea of in which way the wind is blowing. Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result Prediction by Phalodi Satta Bazar: Will BJP Win Over 400 Seats or Fail to Cross Majority Mark? Will Congress Make a Comeback? Here's What Reports Say on Matka Players' Project of Seats.

Phalodi Satta Bazar Prediction for BJP

The betting market suggests a strong performance for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. With nearly 10 days left for election results, it indicated that the BJP could win 304-306 seats on its own, while the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) could reach 325-330 seats. It is important to note that Initially, the grey market predicted the BJP would win 340-350 seats. This estimate was lowered to 303 seats before the third phase and 292-296 seats before the fourth phase. Prayagraj Lok Sabha Election 2024: Activists See LS Polls As Fight To Save Constitution, Many Voters Raise Local Issues Such As Cleanliness and Healthcare Facilities in This Uttar Pradesh Seat.

Phalodi Satta Bazar Prediction for Congress

The Congress is expected to win 60-62 seats, an increase from earlier predictions of 52-57 seats. Despite efforts to improve their position, the Congress faces an uphill battle in this election.

Phalodi Satta Bazar State Wise Prediction

The Phalodi Satta Bazar predicted that while the BJP-led NDA may improve in West Bengal and Karnataka, with minor gains in Tamil Nadu and Odisha, it is likely to see drop in its seats in states like Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

BJP is expected to win 63-65 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 25 seats in Gujarat, 28-29 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 5-6 seats in Delhi, 2-3 seats in Punjab, 4 seats in Himachal, 10-11 seats in Chhattisgarh, 5 seats in Uttarakhand, 28-29 seats in Bihar, 8-9 seats in Telangana and 10-11 seats in Jharkhand, the Phalodi Satta Bazar said.

The Phalodi Satta Bazar predicted that BJP might win 22 seats in West Bengal up from its tally of 18 in Lok Sabha Elections 2019. In states like Rajasthan, where the NDA won all 25 seats previously, the BJP is expected to lose 5 seats, bringing their total to 19-20 seats. In Bihar, where the NDA won 39 out of 40 seats, they are expected to lose around 10 seats.

The NDA which won 41 seats in Maharashtra in 2019 is likely to lose around 10 seats this time, it predicted. It expected BJP to gain in Odisha and Telangana.

Disclaimer: The Phalodi Satta Bazaar's predictions are based on speculative betting and historical trends. Actual election outcomes may vary. Betting is strictly prohibited in India.

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