PM Narendra Modi Warns Newly Elected MPs to Desist from Giving Controversial 'Sound Bytes'
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo Credits: ANI | Twitter)

New Delhi, May 25: Giving tips to newly-elected MPs of his party and coaltion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday warned them against making controversial statements."When Lal Krishna Advani was the party president, he used to say beware of "chapas" and "dikhas" (getting into print or electronic media). If we can get rid of the desire to see ourselves in newspapers and on television, then we can protect a lot," Modi said while addressing the meeting of the newly-elected MPs and other NDA leaders in parliament's central hall.

"I see that some people are restless till they don't issue a "message to the nation". People in the media are also aware that there are six 'models (namoone)' and they will there outside the gates since morning hoping that he will say something after coming out. We are blamed for things which we are not responsible for," said Modi invoking laughter from the audience. PM Narendra Modi Meets President Ram Nath Kovind To Stake Claim to Form Next Government After Thumping Win in Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

He also urged the newly elected MPs to not get lured by the temptation of giving 'sound bytes' to the TV media."Don't know what is there in those TV sticks (mike) that people open their mouth and they say anything. And when you speak, their shop runs for 24-48 hours but our trouble gets amplified," said Modi.

Prime Minister also said that he is saying these things now because once the parliament session begins, people will take it personally."I am saying these things now in a neutral manner because once the parliament session begins, people will think I am saying it personally to them," he said.