Engineers are a creative bunch of people! When we talk about engineers we picture them doing very technical things such as building stuff and solving complex problems. But engineers these days are using their acumen to innovate other things, and in the case of Aditya Aggarwal, the music industry. Aditya is an IIT graduate who, in a very unique way, is making good content accessible to all.

Aditya Aggarwal completed his Btech from IIT Roorkee in 2004. After his BTech, he was placed in Wipro as Software Engineer and went on to work in IBM's and was promoted as India SFV leader. He resigned from this plum position to start a digital marketing and music production business.  He initially started as a team of 2 along with his wife Sonam and now, slowly and steadily, they have grown to a team of 30. 

Aditya has sharp business acumen and using his keen strategizing skills, he is helping many channel owners and artists to generate online monetization revenue above 25 million usd in a matter of three years. Aditya also invested in three startups and helped them monetize their content on the internet. Currently, he is producing and financing two Punjabi and one Gujarati web series. Aditya, thanks to his smart entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, has generated business venture revenue above 5 million USD. 

Aditya’s aim is to promote new talent. He believes that lack of resources should not be an obstruction to people who have genuine skills and talent. He is bringing good music and quality content to all.  His innovative idea on equity sharing on music content helped several artists and channels to launch their music content. Right now, he has stakes in over 215 music videos and three web series.

Aditya also received investment of 200k USD for his music Tech App. This app will be officially launched by mid of September 2021.He has the soul of an artist and the mind of an entrepreneur, and these two combined help him create great things.