The Kolkata Buzz has emerged into Bengali’s favorite social media platform with over 1M+ followers on Facebook and 215k+ on Instagram, the reason being how it has preached all things Bengali over the last few years. This very concept is but the brainchild of Anubhav Mukherjee who founded it.

“Our USP has always been Kolkata. When I started the platform there was no one else who picked the concept. I always made sure that my content was attractive and connected with what the public loved at a personal level and I guess that is what has clicked,” says Anubhav Mukherjee.

Having spent his entire life including 5 years in creating exclusive content for Kolkata, we asked Mukherjee to enlist what it means to be one.

1 A Bengali loves ‘FISH’.

“There is hardly any Bengali out there who does not love fish, isn’t it?”

2 No Bong can say no to ‘SWEETS’.

“Not just sweets, Bengalis even add a pinch of sugar to every dish that they cook!”

3 A foodie.

“Be it Phuchka, Biriyani, or just any delicacy on earth, Bongs are always ready to gorge on it”.

4 Always excited about Durga Pujo.

“We count days every day for Durga Pujo’s arrival. And that’s why we say “12 mase 13 parbon.”

5 Loves to travel.

“Go to any tourist spot on earth and I can bet that there will be a Bengali.”

6 Finds peace in little things like ‘Cha’.

“Cha is bliss and we got our own Darjeeling Tea. There’s not one Gali or Chhak where you won’t find a tea stall in Bengal”.

7 A romantic at heart.

“I think this bit cannot be explained but yes, Bengalis are romantics. They see magic in everything.”

8 Creative by birth.

“So many creative souls have taken birth in Bengal.”

9 A true devotee of Rabindranath Tagore.

“A Bengali is, was, and will be proud of Tagore and will cherish him forever”.

10 Loves Football

“Bengali’s craze over Mohanbagan is rightful and insane.”

11 Loves culture

“There’s not a single Bengali who has drifted away from his/her culture, no matter where they are”.

Rightly said for Bengalis have cherished their culture and habits everywhere they went. That is why we have Kalibaris and Durga Pujo all across the globe today.

The list does not end here and that’s why Anubhav’s brainchild of creating The Kolkata Buzz has become everyone’s favorite where he tries to integrate A to Z of Kolkata and its people from all over the world.