New Year is synonymous to resolutions. It’s almost that time of the year when everyone is pumped up to welcome the new year with their list of dos and don’ts for the next year. If as a couple, you and your partner are wondering what could be your resolutions for the New Years, we’ve got a few ideas for you. To maintain a healthy and balanced relationship in 2020, here are a few resolutions that you and your partner could take up for New Year 2020. Best New Year Resolutions for 2020:

Make each other feel special

It need not necessarily be an occasion like a birthday or an anniversary to make your partner feel special. In fact, you should rather make it a point to make your spouse feel special irrespective of a special occasion. Just randomly give him a surprise gift or do something together that he has been wanting to do with you since a very long time. This will rekindle the romance and evoke a new sense of freshness in the relationship. Sex-Related New Year Resolutions: How to Have Better, Hotter and More Exciting Sex in 2020?

Do the things that make you both happy

Remember the things that you bonded over when you first met. Whether it was food, travel, watching movies or having a common hobby; pursue something that makes you both happy and see yourself bond with each other as you did before. This will remind you of your initial dating days and also strengthen the relationship you both share.

Compliment each other more often

This New Year’s, share a promise that you’d give each other genuine compliments more often. Complimenting your partner means you notice and observe the things they do and there’s nothing more genuine than that to let your partner know that you care for them. Whether it is an outfit or the sweet gestures she does for you; give her honest compliments every once in a while.

Have more sex

Vouch to have more sex in 2020! Try different things and experiment in bed to make your sex life spicier. Talk to your spouse and discuss the things you both would like to do differently in bed and go for it! Don’t hold yourself back and indulge in the raunchiest sex ever giving your partner the best orgasm of their life!

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