The outbreak of the worldwide pandemic has been one of the toughest hits mankind had to witness in the long run. Not only affected the entire global population but also it has shaken the course of how we operate in our daily lives. One of the most affected sectors in such tragic times was the event industry, collapsing to its roots. And of course, weddings play an integral part of this sector, which have also suffered a phenomenal loss. For new designers and brands it has been a challenging time, but what defines a great artist is his/her ability to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. The bridal designer Guillermo Pharis has infused in his recent stride as an entrepreneur and designer. 

Guillermo Pharis is an emerging New York-based bridal fashion designer, climbing up the Bridal retail business ladder. Since his debut at the age of 23, Pharis has truly shown great success, with a promise of delivering creatively infused designs to the customers. From the establishment of his Atelier in New York to the launch of Whisper Bridal, Pharis has come a long way in his journey. Gaining recognition for his opulent designs, attention to detail, couture timeless style, impeccable designs made from luxury materials, Pharis has definitely made a place for himself in the Bridal industry. 

While ready-to-wear fashion houses and retailers are facing the challenges of low sales, the bridalwear designers are actually suffering from drought, all things considered, the lockdown, the pandemic, and of course, the drops in the economy. But as it is truly said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Pharis, with his creative stride, has yet again come up with new ways to overcome this tragedy and, in face of it, committed to elevating the American Bridal industry. 

Pharis recently announced the grand opening of his new bridal boutique in Denver, CO along with the availability of his brands, Gia Atelier New York and Whisper Bridal online in order to customize according to the pandemic situation. We’ve all accepted the fact that Covid is here to stay longer than we’d like, but that doesn’t mean to give up or wait for things to go back to normal. This is the new normal, and, well adjusting according to, it is what made Pharis expand his line to be available online as e-commerce with order-to-measure options for American brides, as it has become more essential than ever. Not only that, but Pharis also recently launched his Spring Summer 2022 Whisper Bridal collection - “Frame of Love” online via his Instagram handle during New York bridal fashion week as an attempt to celebrate and embrace the new normal and the onset of yet another fashion season with the same amount of zest and passion. This collection was designed to honor life and love as we know it in such trying times and to spread a sense of celebration amidst the worldwide pandemic. 

Inclusivity has become a very important value in the fashion industry, and for this bridal campaign, the designer collaborated with different artist from different backgrounds, bringing together the best of the emerging New York based talent, Guillermo posed in the above photo next to Model Mirjeta Shala former Miss Universe Kosovo, Salvadoran photographer Kevin Alexander, retoucher Basu Maurya, Hair stylist Satoshi Ikeda and Make up artist Tomoyo Shionome from Japan.

Pharis explains that what he wants is to create wedding-day fantasy gowns infused with phenomenal creativity, inclusivity, and love for diversity. Guillermo, without a doubt, is unleashing the whole creative process and the practicality of making his designs come to fruition with respect to the new reality.