Parts of Maharashtra are on alert as a severe cyclonic storm, Cyclone Nisarga is to make a landfall today afternoon. The heavy winds and severe rainfall in its aftermath is likely to affect several regions around the coastal front. While the administration has taken measures and made arrangements to rescue people and shift them to safer places, the pets and strays often remain neglected. Sudden rainfall and climate change can also affect animals as much as humans. In this article, we tell you how you can take care of your pets and also do a bit for the strays. Monsoon Care Tips for Pets: Easy & Effective Ways To Keep Your Dogs & Cats Safe.

How to Take Care of Pets?

  • Get your pets inside your homes. Some people do have a dedicated space like a balcony or an outhouse where their pets sit. So please, get them inside your homes.
  • Stay around your pets to make them feel safe.
  • Give them a thicker blanket or a rug. The severe winds and cold due to rains can make them feel cold.
  • Keep an emergency kit for pets ready- it includes their food, medicines, proof of their vaccination. In case of an evacuation, you need to carry these along.
  • Keep extra pet food in supply.
  • In case of cats, who move about on their own, make sure they stay indoors. Do not let them leave the house, keep the windows closed if that's an escape route.
  • Try and find a pet shelter in case of an emergency. Seek the help of your vet in finding shelter so that in case of an evacuation, you can leave them at the shelter house, where you can be guaranteed of their safety.

How to Take Care of Stray Animals?

  • Allow the stray cats and dogs to rest in your building compound. Request your watchman or the seniors if they usually prohibit strays in the premises.
  • If you have extra blankets or even piece of rags just lying in your home, keep it for the strays. It may be dangerous to directly go and touch them, but you can always do a makeshift shelter for them.
  • Keep a bowl of clean water. If you spot cats and dogs around, offer them some biscuits or extra food that you have. Benefits of Feeding Dogs Right During Monsoon.
  • If an animal needs help, please call the rescue shelter and provide them with exact details. In case, they cannot come over, ask them how you can help in the rescue.
  • Essentially, don't just shoo them away but provide a comfortable space for them to rest.
  • In case, you cannot do anything, look out for organisations who are ready to help and donate to the animal rescue places.

Remember these points as we brace to face this calamity. While we can keep a track and know of what is happening exactly in what part, animals are clueless and often get scared. Help in any way that you can, a little kindness towards them never hurt. Stay safe, everyone.


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