Gregory Grishayev is a renowned director who has made a mark for himself in the world of filmmaking with his quality work. From 2011 till date, the director has impacted moviegoers with his movies and shows like Pershi lastivky, Spiymaty Kaydasha, Orel i reshka, Mr Jones, and Early Swallows.

According to Grishayev, everyone has the ability to tell a tale if they know how to do it rightly. The filmmaker is known for making complex storylines that hold the audience's interest from beginning to end. The director claims that believing in the premise is the first step in creating a film. Gregory says, "If you don't know what is going to be that one factor that will lure audience to your movies or series, you'll face a bit of difficulties. So have a clear idea of everything before embarking on the directorial journey only make movies based on stories in which you have complete faith."

Gregory Grishayev discusses what he thinks about when directing a movie. Finding keyframes when building a tale in synch, according to Grishayev, is critical. It will aid in the seamless flow of the narrative, and the audience will immediately grasp what is going on. Throughout the filmmaking process, the director keeps an open mind to fresh ideas and proposals.

When quizzed about the types of stories he wants to present, the filmmaker replied, "Through my films or shows, I want to tell people stories that will stay in their mind for a long time.  I want them to talk to their families and friends about it. It's always a pleasant feeling when someone notices and appreciates the minor elements in your work."

Gregory Grishayev has received numerous awards for his outstanding work. Grishayev earned Zen's Directorial Award in 2018. He received the Ukrainian director of the year award in 2019. The director won the Atlantis Award for Best Direction in 2020.