A number of myths have always surrounded masturbation, and one of which is that self-stimulation makes you weak and causes unhealthy weight loss. Masturbation, in simple words, is self-exploration via sexual stimulation on your own to orgasm. Also known as shagging or je*king off in slang terms, masturbation is actually good for your health and if anything, makes you feel happy. According to the myth, the regular shedding off of semen makes you weak internally because you end up losing proteins from your body along with the semen and it is wrong on so many levels. Semen consists of 80 percent water, and the rest of the components are just proteins, amino acids, glucose, fructose, sugars, zinc, calcium, vitamin C etc. The protein loss doesn't even account for.

People do it for different reasons – either to bust stress or to release sexual tension. Masturbation has umpteen health benefits and stress relief, reduced risk of prostate cancer and keeping period cramps at bay are just some of them. Show Some Self Love! 6 Health Reasons to Masturbate.

Does Masturbation Cause Weakness and Unhealthy Weight loss?

The answer is a big NO. If you feel weak after masturbation temporarily, that may be because of the efforts you put into it. Your body uses energy to help you masturbate, but masturbation doesn't make you a physically weak person in the long run. What Is Masturbation? 7 Myths About Self-Sexual Stimulation Busted!

And when it comes to weight loss, masturbation is also a form of cardio, so it may slightly add to the calories you burn. But masturbation doesn't exhibit unhealthy weight loss as one of its side-effects.

Does Masturbation Have Other Side-Effects?

Unless you get addicted to masturbation to a level that your daily life is hindered, you are safe. Masturbation doesn't cause any kind of health hazard but instead uplifts your mood and have other benefits. The only way you masturbation can harm is if you use unnatural means to self-stimulate like these 100 Germans who died while using weird techniques to masturbate.

Go ahead and masturbate; in fact, here are the best times to masturbate to make It even healthier. Studies have suggested that if you masturbate before sleeping, you can even ward off insomnia because it helps you induce sleep.

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