Jaclyn Hill Offers Refund for Mouldy Lipsticks, But Doesn’t Talk of Recalling The Spoilt Products Yet
Jaclyn's statement on her Instagram story. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Jaclyn Hill has spoken over her mouldy and rotten lipsticks. After the video by Pretty Pastel Please, people were fuming with Jaclyn cosmetics. Alex from Pretty Pastel Please dug into her Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks and found shards of metal in it. Jaclyn STILL claims they’re safe to use. Jaclyn gave a statement on her Instagram story, saying she will refund everyone their money back, regardless of what opinion they have on the product. Kylie Jenner Involves Herself in the Jaclyn Hill Drama After Expired Cosmetics Controversy.

Jaclyn will do anything but not recall the lipsticks. On June 24, an account with the name Betty Wilder on Twitter released lab results of Jaclyn Cosmetics’ lipstick caps tested. The test results came out positive containing yeast/mould.

Tweet on the Test Result:

People have been wanting a lab test on the lipsticks ever since the news about tiny balls and black dots broke out. Earlier, Jaclyn Cosmetics was accused of DM-ing people on Twitter whenever they tried to get their lipsticks tested for contamination results. But the truth is now out.

The tweets about Jaclyn allegedly threatening fans:

Photo Credit: Reddit

Five days ago, youtuber, pretty pastel please uploaded a video where she crushed her lipsticks to see what is inside them. She found shards of metal in her lipsticks. The pieces were poking through from the top of the bullet and on further examination, they turned out to be pieces of metal. Bride Refuses to Hire a Makeup Artist for Their Sexual Orientation.

Pretty Pastel Please's Video on the Lipsticks

Jaclyn has issued a refund to all the customers who have bought the lipsticks. She will pay for them from her own pocket and give everyone their money back. She said the customers who bought the lipstick will be contacted by her team and the refund will be initiated within seven working days. Some fans are refusing refunds, raving how much they love their lipsticks. Fans are advising Jaclyn to recall the product before she gets sued.