A pink tulle midi-length strawberry printed dress has made the netizens go obsessed with it. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok—the social media platforms are full of photos of women in the beautiful dress, aka ‘Strawberry Dress.’ There’s something about the outfit that is making people crazy about it. The dress is made of pink tulle, with a deep V-neckline, ruffles along the calf-length hem, a cinched waisted and red sequin strawberry embellishments, designed by Lirika Matoshi. It’s a dress that Cinderella, a toddler and an A-lister celebrity would all happily wear. The refreshing outfit is like a romantic escape from quarantine sweatpants. So, how did this pink midi dress became so popular during a global pandemic? In this article, we will explain the growing obsession of netizens around their latest fashion favourite—Strawberry Dress, along with some gorgeous pictures that explain the craze. Trikini, a Bikini With Matching Face Mask Is a Big Hit! Italian Designer, Tiziana Scaramuzzo Introduces New Fashion Trend. 

While the world is forced to stay indoors, significantly, fashion trends really haven’t come to a complete halt in 2020. First, it was the matching sweatpants sets, then came the ‘trikini’ (a bikini with a matching face mask), the pillow dress and now its Strawberry Dress. It is Lirika Matoshi who first designed her dress, reportedly in July 2019. Model Tess Holliday wore a custom version of the dress to the Grammys in January, 2020. Miss Posting OOTD? Take #QuarantinePillowChallenge on Instagram Just Like These Netizens Who Are Turning Pillows Into Chic Outfits. 

Strawberry Dress!


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A social media user, Amanda Rampersad, purchased the flowing pink tulle dress, covered with shimmering pink sequin strawberries. The dress reportedly costs $490. The dress eventually caught the netizens’ eye, and in no time it became an internet sensation. Google searches for ‘Strawberry Dress,’ increased, especially in July and early August.

Refreshing Summer Look


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It is currently the best-selling item from Matoshi’s collection. However, the relatively expensive dress did not stop fashion lovers from adoring it. The viral dress has led to a deluge of fan art and artists have made their own versions, much cheaper knock-off versions of the dress, so that everyone can purchase it.

Feeling Like A Princess!


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The price tag has not hindered the popularity of Matoshi’s dress. The obvious reason the dress is so popular is because people think it is universally pretty, and available to many sizes, which is at times, pretty rare.

It's So Cute!


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The sweet strawberry print dress seems deeply nostalgic, reminiscing to a time long before the pandemic, a childhood innocence. “Most of my designs are inspired by my childhood. I feel like the things that make me feel better are the strawberries, the dress, the gowns, nature in general,” Matoshi was quoted saying in Vogue. It’s really gorgeous, and the beautiful dress leaves nothing for doubt as to why it is garnering such massive attention on the internet.

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