The clean girl aesthetic reigned in 2023, only to be dethroned by the ‘Mob wife aesthetic’ in 2024. Yes, the mob wife aesthetic has been officially crowned the latest fashion trend for the year 2024. Remember how the clean girl aesthetic of soothing palettes, neutral hues, and all things understated, subtle, and minimalistic ruled 2023? Yes, that trend is out! This year is not about a clean girl, a once-popular girl, or a nice girl aesthetic. This year the spotlight is firmly on the wife, the mob wife (for those unfamiliar with the term, the mob wife refers to the wife of a mobster, someone associated with gangs or involved in organised crime). So, what exactly is the mob wife aesthetic trend all about?

What is Mob Wife Aesthetic?

If last year’s mantra was minimalism, 2024 is all about embracing maximalism. The mob wife aesthetic is big, bold, and glamorous, just like the mob wives who inspire it. It draws inspiration from famous characters portrayed on television, like Carmela Soprano and Adriana La Cerva. The Mob Wife Aesthetic is essentially a replication of the style worn by mob wives. From a face full of bold and bright makeup to the signature ‘90s blowout. Think bold red lipsticks and extravagant faux-fur coats. TikTok’s #VogueChallenge Is Breaking Norms With Black People Gracing the Cover of Eminent Fashion Magazine in Large Numbers, View Beautiful Pics.

How To Achieve the Mob Wife Aesthetic?

To channel your inner diva the mob wife way, make animal prints, glitzy dresses, oversized coats, faux-fur pieces, daring patterns, figure-hugging outfits, hoop earrings, pearls, opulent fabrics like silk and satin, sunglasses, boots, red lipstick, red nail paints, bejewelled nails, smokey eyes, flashy updos, and leather jackets your BFFs. In short, anything but basic! Last but not least, you need to add the attitude bit as well. You won’t get the mob wife aesthetic right if you can’t rock the right attitude. As shown in films, mob wives carry an unshakeable confidence and a no-nonsense attitude. Cowering behind subtlety or being shy and coy is just not their thing. They love extravagance, and they are unabashed about it.

But mind you, the mob wife aesthetic is not all about luxury, throwing money away, and wastefulness. It is an aura, a strong energy you carry with you. A mix of boldness, confidence, and sensuality is the perfect way to nail the mob wife aesthetic.

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