Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is China’s most important festival. It falls on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, which begins the day after the first new moon appears between 21 January and 20 February each year. This year Chinese New Year 2023 will start on Sunday, 22 January. Chinese New Year 2023? Know Date, Significance, Zodiac Animal and Ways To Celebrate Lunar New Year or Spring Festival

What Does Year of The Rabbit Mean?

There are 12 Chinese zodiac animals, each of which is linked to certain characteristics and elements, and they rotate each year. 2022 was a Year of the Tiger, and 2023 will be a Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit is a tame creature representing hope and long life for Chinese people. It is also seen as a symbol of pureness and auspiciousness.

Six Things To Know About Year of The Rabbit

1) The year 2023, which begins on January 22, 2023 (Chinese New Year), and ends on February 9, 2024, is known as the year of the water rabbit. Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, or pig are among the signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese new year is predicted to be optimistic.

2) People born in the year of the rabbit are known as "rabbits," and they are thought to be vigilant, witty, quick-witted, and ingenious.

3) According to Xinhua, Chinese brush painter Lucy Wang created a special Chinese Zodiac birth certificate to usher in the year of the rabbit in Australia, "In Chinese culture, the rabbit is considered the luckiest of the 12 zodiac animals, representing peace and longevity."

4) Oxes, tigers, and snakes are the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs in 2023.

5) Chinese people believe that what you do at the start of a new year affects your luck for the rest of the year. Many people stay up late on Chinese New Year's Eve to wish their friends and family after the clock strikes twelve.

6) People also exchange red packets for bringing good luck and positivity.

Chinese New Year is a 15-day celebration that ends with the Lantern Festival. This year, the Lantern Festival 2023 will take place on February 15. CNY celebrations include dragon dances, spectacular fireworks, family gatherings, lavish meals with near and dear ones, and a lot more.

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