Darwin Day is celebrated every year on February 12. This day commemorates the birthday of Charles Darwin, whose contributions to the evolution theory holds immense significance even today. Darwin Day 2021 celebrations are sure to revolve around raising awareness about Darwin’s evolution theory and is especially celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm by fellow scientists. Here’s everything you need to know about Darwin Day 2021 celebrations, its significance and Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. 

Darwin Day 2021 Date

Darwin Day 2021 will be celebrated on February 12 to mark the 212th birth anniversary of Charles Darwin. Born on February 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury England, Darwin’s contribution to science and evolution theories need no introduction. 

Why is Darwin Day Celebrated?

In an effort to celebrate his work and his life, Darwin Day was celebrated after his death in 1882, but it was not immediately decorated as a designated holiday. In the US, a resolution for a holiday on Darwin Day was only passed in 2015. 

Significance of Darwin Day Celebrations

Charles Darwin dedicated his life to science and made various significant contributions to the field that needs to be studied and celebrated even today. This is the main motto behind the Darwin Day celebration every year. In the year 1831, when Darwin was 22 years old, he went on a five-year-long survey tour on the HMS Beagle. He had studied many types of animals and plant specimens, which led to him writing his theory of evolution and natural selection. It was 28 years later that he published "On the Origin of the Species".

Darwin's theory argued that all life on the planet comes from a single ancestor. It also argues that diversity in animals and plants is a result of evolutionary processes. This evolutionary process includes genetic mutation, natural selection and extinction. Charles Darwin later died on April 15 in 1882. 

Celebrating Darwin's Day can be very exciting and fun as we look at his work and theories. Many people enjoy visiting museums, enrolling into discussion groups or simply creating art around Darwin and his works. These activities will not only teach about the past but will also give an idea about how the world and science have evolved. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Darwin Day 2021!

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